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— Daily Tune 26/01/2018

Barbagallo – ‘L’échappée’

Usually when you hear that one of the Tame Impala bandmembers is heading for a solo adventure you might expect something more psychedelic and not tender French pop music. Julien Barbagallo who plays drums in Kevin Parker’s band however exactly went for this direction, presenting a smooth little hit on his new single L’échappée. It’s taken from Danse Dans Les Ailleurs which arrives on March the 2nd and already marks his third full-length release under his name. But while the previous output was produced mostly in-between gigs with the band, he headed for a proper recording environment this time and produced the album at the French Barberine Studios. The result feels indeed like a gentle summer day in the local countryside and we wouldn’t be surprise if Barbagallo finally steps into the limelight with this one.

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