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— Daily Tune 10/03/2022

Barking Orders In German Tease Their Mysterious Act With Fuzzy Earworm “Scumbags”

While you still may grin about that catchy band name, brace yourself for some action, because the lads of Barking Orders In German are a real treat and the recent Scumbags shows why. Born out of pandemic boredom, the mysterious Munich act channel fuzzy earworm potential à la Arctic Monkeys or The Kooks at its best: hooky punchlines and roaring guitar riffs pair up with vibrant bass and rhythm lines, with the fun quivering out of every line of the piece. The VHS retro look of the music video completes the buzzing adventure. It seems that sometimes moments of crises indeed bring about good things, or at least a creative spark like the one BOIG (as the band members fondly abbreviate their name) set off with their yet small amount of released material. Give this one a good spin right here.

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