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— Daily Tune 10/04/2020

Getting Existential With Becky And The Birds On ‘Wondering’

The Swedish singer and songwriter Thea Gustafsson, at first intended to become an orchestral violinist, but we are damn glad that she turned her talents to indie pop, instead. Under the moniker Becky & The Birds, she released the second single, Wondering, a meditation on loss and love written after the passing of a loved one. Her pitch-perfect vocals range to the highest falsettos and are accompanied by laid-back beats. At first listen, the sunny and hazy vibe of the instrumentation covers up the existential topics of the lyrics. While it reminds of a hot summer day on a rooftop terrace with its lounge vibe, the video plays into the existentialism of the lyrics with its cinematic Hopper-esque style.

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