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— Daily Tune 27/01/2021

Billy Nomates Is Back And Stubborn As Always On “Heels”

British artist Tor Maries aka Billy Nomates made a stunning exclamation with her self-titled debut album in 2020 and needless to say we’re happy to have her back with new material this spring already. Emergency Telephone the name of a new EP that arrives on March 5 and according to the songwriter it is “predominantly about communication breakdowns; personally, mentally, physically. A strange thing to happen while communication has never had so many channels. Perhaps we need a direct line.” So, yeah, it might be written in the lockdown but it’s also an important message for the world beyond the forced digital conversation we’re suffering right now. Heels is the first single from it, a pumping and hypnotizing piece of sparse synth pop that once again lets her stubborn determination and attitude win our hearts. 2020 was a good start, 2021 will be even better for Billy Nomates and once she’s allowed to enter a stage again it will be a triumph. Go get them girl!

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