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— Daily Tune 27/03/2020

Billy Nomates – ‘No’

I discovered Billy Nomates through Sleaford Mods, and found out that they’re not just very supportive of her, but that one of their gigs actually inspired her to write and record (again): “They didn’t have a band, but they were the best fucking band I’d ever seen. I just thought: I’ve got energy in me like that.” No is an empowering declaration of refusal: No to Brexit and incompetent politicians, no to damaging beauty standards and no to dead-end jobs. And more general: No to letting the privileged and rich take over, no to not being taken seriously as a female musician and no to seeking approval. In the video, Billy‘s desire to let it all out becomes visible; she’s dancing and raging involuntarily. Luckily, her debut album is due later in the year, via Bristol’s Invada Records. And for those who are wondering about the name: ‘Billy no mates’ is a slang expression for a person with no friends.

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