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— Daily Tune 04/06/2019

Birgitta Alida – ‘When I’m With You’

Norwegian musician Birgitta Alida is a couple of singles into her musical career at this point, and we premiered the swirling pop song Glory a while back. But on her previous singles, she was a little more sombre in mood, pondering bigger concepts like meaningfulness. On her single When I’m With You in contrast, her heart is light, for a fizzing, head-over-heels-tumbling love song. When I’m With You spins Alida’s classical, grand style of pop into a freewheeling tribute to a partner who chases the clouds away, a person who lifts her up so much that it’s “if only for a minute, my life without a care” when she’s with them (you). Get it? “When I’m With You is about someone or something who brings out the best in you and makes you forget your troubles,” Birgitta says. “It describes the endorphin rush you get when you’re doing that specific thing, or you’re with the person you love, and the contrast between this and life before”. It’s out now on Blanca.

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