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— Daily Tune 17/06/2019

Black Belt Eagle Scout – ‘At The Party’

Now, that’s what I call productive. Less than a year after her critically acclaimed (in the indie scene at least) debut album Mother of My Children songwriter Katherine Paul already announces a follow-up from her alter ego Black Belt Eagle Scout. I really overlooked the debut but that was a mistake obviously so I’m happy to jump on bord for the follow-up. At The Party With My Brown Friends arrives on August 30 via Saddle Creek and the title-track is already pure bliss for all lovers of gentle and lush indie rock anthems. It reflects on her life growing up in the Swinomish Indian Reservation in NW Washington state but it goes beyond the whole party scenery as she explains in a press statement: ‘We are all at the party (the world), trying to navigate ourselves within a good or bad situation.’ There’s a subtle (well, actually not thaaaat subtle) melancholia that runs through this song and that makes it really wonderful, I think.

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