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— Daily Tune 01/10/2021

Black Sea Dahu Explores the Mysteries of Time and Lost Love On “Transience”

Transience is a strange thing. You can’t grasp it, yet everything is transient – in a constant forward movement or slipping away. Black Sea Dahu’s latest release is a meditation on the transience and mysteries of time and traces a love lost along the way. The six-minute track starts off as a minimal acoustic ballad – a voice, and a guitar in dialogue. Then the harmony gets picked up by a cinematic orchestral arrangement, violins embracing the vocal timber and piano interludes adding a rich texture to the melodic elements of the song. Like an evolving storyline, the song grows with each bar showcasing Black Sea Dahu’s stunning talent for crafting captivating and emotive music. One love might be lost but the singer finds solace in art and sings; “now music takes me places, oh just like you“.

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