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— Daily Tune 26/01/2021

“Old Ways” by Bleach Lab Is A Sorrow-Drenched Revelation

South London’s Bleach Lab are off to big things in 2021 and their most recent single Old Ways sparks yet another weighty note of their profound artistry. The tune is the leading track of their forthcoming debut EP A Calm Sense Of Surrounding (arriving March 19) and “explores the angry side of the grieving process at the end of a relationship”, which the EP will be heading down further. Led off by reverberating, atmospheric guitars, melting in the soft sadness of front singer Jenna Kyle’s melancholic vocal worlds. The harsh feeling of anger is meanwhile dissolved in the floating aura of sound, ever so penetrating and soothing at once. That the bleak emotions remain as carved out as they do, amidst the melancholic seas of sound, is only proof of the intensity the British four-piece already radiates. Check out the song right here and stay on track for more from these young talents.

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