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— Daily Tune 22/06/2021

Bnny Reconcile With the Past On the Minimalistic “Ambulance”

When I see an ambulance I close my eyes“, Jess Viscius croons the first line of Ambulance with breathy vocals. On the minimalistic single, the artist and her band recount what seems to be a dramatic tale of loss in loose lyrics. Through the mellow guitar strums you can almost feel the blue flashes of the lights of the ambulance the singer will never forget. Working with a five-piece band Bnny, Jess Viscius finds a way to get in touch with her emotions through music. Ambulance is about “guilt and forgiveness, about reconciling with your past and saying goodbye”, the singer says. It is not a dramatic song, as the lyrics and story might suggest, but a stripped back heartfelt effort to come to terms with the past. The single is part of the Chicago-based band’s debut record Everything out later in August.

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