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— Daily Tune 01/02/2022

“I’m Just Fine” By Bnny Is A Warm Anthem Of Melancholic Longing

Everything by Bnny was one of my favourite underrated albums of the past year so you can consider me more than happy that Jessi Vicius and her band are back with follow-up material in the form of I’m Just Fine. The lush and warm ballad continues the vibe of the record and really feels like a smooth summer breeze for your ears. Carried by a feeling of melancholic longing the track is “about the sensation of time moving slowly when you are missing someone” as Viscius explains. “It’s about attempting to deny that you are heartbroken in order to protect yourself.” And especially on a cold and grey winter day like today a song like this really does work like a lifesaver. Bnny are heading on a tour with Ian Sweet and Molly Burch this spring in North America so make sure to catch them.

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