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— Daily Tune 29/06/2018

Brett Newski – ‘Can’t Get Enough’

There’s multiple reasons why Brett Newski is quite a charming gentleman. First of it, he just released this charming video in which him and his band mates became the first documented indie band in history to get kicked out of Wal-Mart (it’s really funny) but then he also does such wonderful music like Can’t Get Enough. The catchy tune feels like a forgotten 90s indie rock gem which might be due to the fact that Hutch Harrsi of The Thermals produced it. On top of it the track also deals with our sinking attention span in the digital age as Newski explains: ‘Can’t Get Enough is a song about maintaining a healthy balance in times of hyper speed. We receive unhealthy amounts of messages, and ‘focus’ is now the catalyst to getting ahead. It’s not so much what you listen to, it’s what you DON’T LISTEN to.’ True words, man, true words. So, close your social media app for a minute and listen to this lovely tune (before telling everybody about it via social media, of course).

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