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— Daily Tune 22/07/2021

Bria Bring Country Back With Their Rendition of Karen Dalton’s “Green Rocky Road”

Amidst the insecurity and identity crisis that the pandemic threw many into, the duo Bria decided to take to covering songs in which they find themselves rather than writing own material. Green Rocky Road by Karen Dalton is the lead single of the forthcoming EP Cuntry Covers Vol. 1 and the twangy guitars by Duncan Hay Jennings transport you straight into a lonesome countryside bar past midnight. The melancholic vibe is enhanced by Bria Salmena’s husky vocals. Bria’s rendition of Green Rocky Road sounds like the dusty photograph you find on top or your wardrobe when moving out. The hazy vintage country feel of the voice and guitar is amplified by the pedal steel for some extra twang. Bria’s unhurried and raw take on the song might even make a sceptic give country music another shot.