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— Daily Tune 17/07/2018

BRTHR – ‘Harder Each Day’

70s, Westcoast, bonfires, Neil Young – everything about the sound of BRTHR seems to scream ‘Americana’ which is kind of funny considering the fact that the duo’s actually from South German city Stuttgart. But we live in an age where such a local heritage isn’t the most important thing anymore. I mean, Swedish duo First Aid Kit sounds more ‘Country’ than many US originals. It’s a bit the same with BRTHR who take all the authentic elements of folk, blues, gospel and country and transform them into a smooth sound of their own. Harder Each Day feels like an easy going warm summer breeze that takes the listener by the hand, telling them ‘Everything’s gonna be okay’. It’s a song about accepting the unchangeable and it’s that soothing vibe that makes it sound so good. BRTHR will release their second album A Different Kind Of Light on September 7 via Backseat and you should better have this one on your radar.

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