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— Daily Tune 05/07/2021

Bye Beneco Has Us Dancing Hard to the Dreamy Indie Pop/Electronica “Red Dress”

“This song is destined and dedicated to dancing hard when we can do that again”, the lead singer of the South African outfit Bye Beneco says. And Red Dress does not fall short of that announcement. The synth-heavy indie pop track radiates escapist euphoria of dancing into the early morning hours. Lenny-Dee Doucha teamed up with a familiar voice for the track. Her vocals are being echoed by Lucy Krugers hushed voice. Bye Beneco have already made themselves a name with their fusion of “cosmic-disco”, 80s electronica and richly textured arrangements that are infectious from the first note. Red Dress culminates the essence of the band’s musical output to a vibrant and joyful track that indeed we want to dance hard to.

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