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— Daily Tune 27/01/2022

caroline Release “Good Morning (red)”, An Elegant Meditation On Moments Of Insecurity

The mornings can be a strange time, when the coffee is boiling on the stove and you don’t know what the day will bring yet. Good Morning (red) by caroline describes this up in the air feeling with loose instrumentation undecided whether it wants to be a melancholic folk song, mellow post-rock, or sweeping contemporary classic. Grown from a duo to an eight-piece, the band assemble the instruments masterfully to a stripped back yet emotive effort. The wistful track Good Morning (red) announces their self-titled debut and takes us on a six-minute musical journey. Written during the 2017 election time in the UK, it conveys insecurities and fears but not without providing a ray of hope at the horizon that it might be a good morning after all.

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