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— Daily Tune 19/07/2021

CATT Examines Lost Feelings and Ancient Thoughts on the Piano Version of “Shades”

The German singer and songwriter CATT needs nothing more than a piano and her voice to move. She proves that on the acoustic rendition of Shades from her brilliant 2020 album Why, Why. Performing the tender ballad on a grand piano shot in a retro look, the music is timeless. CATT sings of relationships, connection, disconnection, and expectations. “I wanna know about the ancient thoughts that have flown away while the times were changing” she croons. Her metaphorical lyrics leave just the right amount of ambiguity to make them universally relatable. And they seem to be coming deep from the singer’s inside. Watching her play the song on the piano is captivating for the entire duration of the song. CATT does not need much to create the intimacy and tenderness we are used to from her first two records. Shades is CATT stripped down to the musical core of voice and piano.

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