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— Daily Tune 23/02/2021

Celine Cairo Reconnects To Nature On The Indie Pop Hymn “Bird Song”

The Dutch singer Celine Cairo crafts songs as delicate as a leaf blowing in the wind and they come with the intensity of thunderstorms. Bird Song is one of those tracks that balance between the beautifully, vocal-driven, verses and the layered indie pop winds of the chorus slowly swelling to a storm. The singer and songwriter from Amsterdam spent the last two years reconnecting to nature and writing songs. Bird Song is the first single teasing her sophomore album, due later this year and it leaves a lingering taste of what Celine Cairo is up to. “I barely remember the writing, just sounds and feelings, knowing it sounded a bit like a hymn. I wrote the lyrics on the spot. Now I can see it’s me worrying about the state of nature.”

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