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— Daily Tune 10/09/2021

C’est Karma Examines Social Injustice With a Mouth Full of Pasta

We are what we eat, and we are political beings living within complex societal structures. C’est Karma knows that and takes to analysis social injustices set against the backdrop of food. Spaghetti On Repeat tells the story of a single mother only being able to serve, well, Spaghetti on repeat. Over a complex net of electronic arrangements, the Luxembourger sings of hopeless illusions of social mobility in a capitalist society. As a musician and activist, every one of Karma Catena’s songs is a political one. Yet, C’est Karma gets her message across by observing small details of the surrounding world – like what’s on your plate. The DIY-style video to the single shows the singer in a space-time loop at the supermarket buying personally branded tomato sauce and pasta on repeat.

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