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— Daily Tune 17/06/2020

Charli Adams’ ‘Superpowers’ Is A Gentle Anthem, Born Out Of Quarantine

In a world that appears to be falling into chaos right now the ability of having superpowers wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen to this planet. And I’m pretty sure if a person like Charli Adams would get hold of those skills she would essentially make this place a better one. In terms of songwriting this wonderful little ballad is indeed the sound of a mighty heroine which definitely places Adams right next to artists like Sharon Van Etten or Phoebe Bridgers. It’s a great song, raw and emotional yet very powerful in its fragile nature. It was written during the beginning of the Corona pandemic and you can actually sense that. I mean, we all remember that confusing feeling from early March, right? “I felt far away from the people that I love and I remembered a conversation I had with a guy I wished I could see,” Charli Adams explains the song: “The last time I saw him, we were debating what superpower was superior and concurred that it was definitely transportation. He and I had always felt like we could save our connection for another time, and that one day we would realise we were ‘the ones that got away’. The second verse is about realising I had taken that for granted. There’s never been a time that I wished for that superpower more than I did in that moment.” I’m definitely looking forward to more super material from this young lady.

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