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— Daily Tune 20/06/2018

CHILDREN – ‘Lover’s Leap’

If a band lists Fleetwood Mac, the Spice Girls and The xx as main influences you can be sure that they get our attention. CHILDREN from Berlin did so and although I didn’t really sense much Spice Girls in their latest single Lover’s Leap there’s something quite captivating in this tender dream pop tune. Steffi Parker and Laura Loop are friends since they’ve been … well, children and that might have resulted in the confident musical understanding the two are presenting on their latest single. The track is an uplifting yet also slightly melancholic reflection on the relationship with your inner demons and the dark thoughts everyone carries inside. The music video literally has those demons chasing down the band but with a song like that you surely didn’t expect a bloody outcome, right? Get ready to be charmed by CHILDREN right now.

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