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— Daily Tune 25/11/2020

Christen Lien’s Violins Meet Ill Camille and D4NGERBOY’s Rap on “The Great Escape”

Christen Lien is a Los Angeles based violinist and performance artist who primarily has roots in classical music. So this rap-soaked beat-heavy remix of her song The Great Escape is quite the different experience than the original. In collaboration producer Gordon Williams, D4NGERBOY, and Ill Camille gave the song a different persona. Against the backdrop of Lien’s classical string arrangement, the rapped verses gain a unique monumentum. The lyrics speak of urgent societal issues and enhanced by the music video showing snippets from the civil rights movement, a George Floyd mural, and burning forests, The Great Escape turns into a critique of modern day living, injustices, and the capitalist system.

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