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— Daily Tune 17/02/2021

Copenhagen’s Communions Go Existential On Epic “Bird Of Passage”

In a better world Copenhagen’s Communions would already be more popular due to their magnificent indie anthems. Hopefully their freshly announced second studio album Pure Fabrication will finally change that because with its new single Bird Of Passage they deliver another one of those haunting tunes that recall the glory of traditional melody-loving indie rock á la The Smiths or Suede. “‘Bird of Passage’ tries to put words to the themes of change and variability; that one is never the same person from one day to another,” explains lead singer Martin Rehof the notion of the track. The song even goes one layer deeper, showing how their individual identity—and ours—is embedded and intertwined within history and culture. Needless to say, it’s quite a five-minute long epic the duo delivers on this one and it clearly shows hat Communions are still a force to reckon with. Pure Fabrication is out on April 23 via Tambourhinoceros.

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