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— Daily Tune 15/10/2020

Couch Prints Dive Deep Into 80s Pop Heaven On The Shimmering “Faces”

NYC-based synth trio Couch Prints – comprised of Jayanna Roberts, Brandon Tong, and Jake Truax – freshly signed to Luminelle Recordings and judging from their latest single Faces we get an idea why that happened. On the shimmering synthpop anthem the three-piece perfectly captured that 80s vibe. And of course the song comes with a personal back story: “”The first few years after high school were filled with this sort of warped vision of what a relationship was.,” explains Brandon Tong the origins. “I’d been on and off with this person for so many years, and though it was clear it wasn’t working, we kept up this cycle because we had both normalized the hurt we were putting on each other. Faces is about that sort of breaking point you go through, where you accept that you’re going to do it all over and send that ‘u up?’ text or whatever it is.” Apart from that Couch Prints also delivered a really catchy one with this beauty. It’s part of their debut EP Tell U which arrives on October 30.

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