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— Daily Tune 07/05/2021

Crumb Unravel A Hypnotizing Indie Rock Daydream On “BNR”

Somehow the lush and trippy indie rock of Crumb managed to fly under my personal radar over the past years, despite the critically acclaim their 2019 debut Jinx received. But just in time for their freshly released follow-up Ice Melt I’m about to change that and I hope to get you on board for this adventure as well via the record’s wonderful lead single BNR. It’s a hypnotic little adventure carried by warm guitar sounds the mesmerizing vocal performance by singer Lila Ramani characterize. “Can you believe this whole thing? What a dream!”, she sings and I can’t help but agreeing with her. It’s an intense yet very heart-warming daydream Crumb present right here and the rest of Ice Melt follows a similar vibe as it deals with themes of disconnection and dislocation, of changing shape and experiencing new states of being. So, it’s the perfect record for the final stages of the pandemic so I really hope you’ll give it a spin after this.

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