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— Daily Tune 27/02/2019

Darjeeling – ‘Early Sunday Morning’

You might remember Darjeeling from the little tour they gave us of their hometown of Wuppertal last winter. Their knack for channelling their boy band appeal as well as their psych-pop influences into irresistibly catchy rock music was evident with their debut album already, but their new single doubles down on the summery vibes. Early Sunday Morning isn’t exactly the type of song to throw you out of bed; it rather encompasses the feeling of yearning for a day at the beach. ‘I’m waiting for a wink, but then it’s noon’, Jan Richard sings, evoking equal parts John Lennon and Beach Boys – he is flanked by a rattling guiro and guitars that sound crisp, but juicy enough to make you levitate just a little bit. Darjeeling‘s sophomore album Hokus Pokus arrives on April 12.

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