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— Daily Tune 24/05/2021

Darkness Falls’ Josephine Philip Reemerges With Haunting First Solo Single “Call My Name”

Those of you who’ve been sticking with NBHAP from very early on might remember Danish duo Darkness Falls who we really fell in love with during the first half of the 2010s. While the band has been on hiatus for way too long and a return is not that likely anytime soon we’re very happy to welcome one half of the band back today as Josephine Philip is returning with a haunting solo debut single called Call My Name. It’s a fragile, nocturnal piece of cinematic beauty, a track about love and longing, surrounded in an impressive musical setting. The anchor of this delicate tune remains Philip‘s stunning vocal performance which is equally strong and fragile and the same time. The accompanied session video that also comes with the song only underlines the emotional power of the track and showcases its spare strengths. Throughout the pandemic year of 2020 Josephine Philip recorded an entire album packed with her own music and we surely can’t fait for it to arrive.

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