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— Daily Tune 06/04/2018

Dead Sea – ‘Know Where’

Having prominent supporters is always a helpful thing for young bands. And if they give you… well, prominent support slots it’s even better. After already opening for shoegaze legends Slowdive a while ago, French dreampop trio Dead Sea is currently supporting Editors on their European tour and after witnessing them right there I can only confirm that they are doing a great job. The Cocteau Twins-like dazed pop experience of the band is perfectly captured in the uplifting Know Where which feels like the perfect lush tune to welcome spring once and for all. The video underlines that, well… except for the monster truck so that must be art then. Hopefully there’s more majestic beauty from Dead Sea happening in the near future. They got themselves a new semi-profiment supporter in the form of NBHAP anyway.

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