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— Daily Tune 12/07/2019

Deep Deep Water – ‘Something In The Water’

After already enjoying their debut single Freedom a while ago London-based four piece Deep Deep Water now returns with a stunning sophomore single. The blissful Something In The Water feels like hypnotic dive into a dub-infected math rock pool as it invites the listener to sink deeper and deeper with every second. Tranquilizing tenderness awaits you in this five-minute ride and it’s got something quite fulfilling. According to Deep Deep Water the track is one that deals with the aspect of change. They explain: “Something is making you act differently, strangely, in a way you can’t explain. It is change out of your control, you are rendered powerless. But it is not pessimistic. It is what it is. The song also touches on drug use becoming more prominent, more necessary – something really is in the water and you are no longer in control.” Let’s all go for a musical swim here, shall we?

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