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— Daily Tune 25/07/2018

Devon Welsh – ‘By The Daylight’

Despite creating a certain buzz in the hip blogosphere Canada’s Majical Cloudz still remained a hidden pop treasure right till their split in 2016. Now, lead singer Devon Welsh returns with his first solo album Dream Songs and is finally aiming for the limelight this talented songwriter deserves. By The Daylight is the mesmerizing opening track of Welsh‘s solo debut and it showcases all of his strengths. The great melodies, the powerful vocal performance and the cinematic approach towards his alternative pop create a very unique atmosphere that really makes this tune a show stopper. According to Devon Welsh the LP is ‘a collection of ten powerful songs inspired by the passing of seasons and the intricacies of love’ and these are the themes that always cause excitement over here, right? Dream Songs is our on August 24.

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