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— Daily Tune 14/10/2019

Die Orangen – ‘Sonne’

We’re always fans of new found genre descriptions and when we stumbled upon the term ‘Krautback’ a certain interest was definitely generated. That’s how Kris Baha and Angus Gruzman named the sound of their band Die Orangen. Rooted in indigenous psychedelia, resonating the vast expanses of the island of Gondwanaland their Australian roots mix up with the progressive rock culture and logic of Germany so the band’s move to the Berlin scene a while ago totally made sense. Sonne (which is German for ‘sun’) is a trippy piece of psychedelic pop bliss that comes with a tempting groove and warmth to carry us through the approaching winter days. The duo’s new studio album is – obviously – called Zwei Orangen and arrives on November 8 and if you love what you’re hearing here we can totally confirm that this record will save your season.

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