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— Daily Tune 27/04/2021

Emie Nathan Debuts With True Hidden Pop Gem “Noman”

For British-American artist Emie Nathan, who cites Maggie Rogers amongst a multitude of inspirators, it’ll hopefully be some relief to hear that her debut track Noman would stand out as a highlight even on Heard It In A Past Life. Inspired by positivity, hope and new beginnings, Noman is imbued with a subtle yet inescapable energy, driven an underlying kick that keeps things moving. Written by Nathan as a way of “giving herself credit where credit was due”, it certainly deserves plenty of that. Floating between folk and pop and all the while maintaining a determined vibe, it’s a triumphant debut single that’s likely to spark more than a little bit of interest in her future releases. Don’t let the title put you off, either – it’s a definite yes from us on this one. A hidden pop gem!

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