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— Daily Tune 27/09/2018

Erthlings – ‘Bridges’

Isn’t friendship a great thing? More than anything else it’s the foundation of Erthlings. Issy Lowe, Jessame Stepto, Taylor Shutes and Lissa Evans first met at a music school in inner-city Sydney at age 8, started writing songs by the time they were 9 and now, aged 16, they’re ready to share their music with the world. Yes, they are really that young and considering that their debut single Bridges is an impressive document of skills and determination. Erthlings deliver a catchy and fluffy piece of indie-pop that feels like a missing link between New Order and Haim. Bridges is one of those instant hit singles where you immediately sense that this is just the beginning of something even greater. It’s out now via Future Classic.

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