— Daily Tune 03/01/2019

Erthlings – ‘Cuts & Bruises’

New year, new music and new talent to have on your radar. Well, technically we already told you about Australian four-piece Erthlings back in 2018 as their catchy debut single Bridges caught our attention back in September. Now, Issy Lowe, Jessame Stepto, Taylor Shutes and Lissa Evans are back with a follow-up tune that proves that their previous output  wasn’t a lucky shot at all. Riding on a more electronic foundation this time the housy Cuts & Bruises is a catchy piece of alternative pop that shows a different side of Erthlings’ sound. The music video is also pretty interesting. It might start like a stereotypical ‘girls night’ before getting a ghotsly twist that makes it feel like a ritual. Considering that the girls are still quite young (around 16) we’re probably here a lot more from them throughout 2019.