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— Daily Tune 23/07/2021

French Newomer Eugénie Mixes Jungle And Pop On Electrifying “Blue”

Right in the middle between mainstream pop and underground vibes there’s an interesting place where new and exciting things can happen. French shootingstar Eugénie and her new single Blue can be found right here. The addictive vibe of the floating alternatvie dream pop tune is fuelled by a trippy beat that feels like a little nod to 90s jungle and drum and bass, something that’s currently been rediscovered by a new generation of young artists. And as a “survivor” of the original wave 30 years ago I can only encourage that, especially if it’s done in such a magnificent way like Eugénie does it right here. “Blue is an emotional marathon, as if everything I went through tore me down,” she explains the notion of the song. “Now everything get to me through a blue filter with a changing thickness from one day to another, but which always makes me feel downhearted in the end. I tried to understand why by reviewing everything I’ve been through (my place in this industry, my doubts, the fear to move forward, to grow up), which explains the sweet and angry moments in this song.” It’s an addictive energy she spreads and I surely can’t wait for more music in the not so distant future.

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