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— Daily Tune 20/04/2021

Swiss Pop Chameleon Evelinn Trouble Makes A Soulful Return “Higher Love”

The sound of Swiss artist Evelinn Trouble is as unpredictable as it is fascinating. Some of you might remember that I’ve told you about her three years ago and now I’m more than happy that the restless multidisciplinary artist from Zurich is now back with brand new music. Higher Love is a soulful first teaser of her new album that sees her sound once again move forward from a more psychedelic past to quite a pure and honest new direction. It’s a heart-warming and wonderful testament of her skills that also comes with a simple yet timeless message – “Ain’t no higher love than what’s already in ur heart.” Hell yeah, sister! The new sound also results from a longer break Evelinn Trouble had to take since the intense recording and touring schedule took a toll on her health, especially her precious voice. Happy to see she made it through the dark times and returns with new material. Her fittingly titled new album Longing Fever is scheduled to arrive in October.

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