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— Daily Tune 04/05/2018

Evelinn Trouble – ‘Monstruous’

Everything’s set to ‘new’ in the musical microcosm of Swiss artist Evelinn Trouble, it appears. Today the charismatic performer unveils her new EP Hope Music which sounds like reunication of her psychedelic pop roots which we last visited in the form of Sunset Everytime last fall. The sound of Hope Music takes a turn towards more electronic pop territory and Monstruous is a great example for that. The dark-twisted R&B vibe of it definitely means new territory for Evelinn Trouble but she’s clever enough to not fall for shallow musical stereotypes here as she gives the song a sinister and still quite psychedelic notion which the music video furthermore underlines. Well, you can’t deny her presence, right? Hope Music is out now via Radicalis.

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