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— Daily Tune 07/06/2018

Evvol – ‘Release Me’

Alright, so this new piece of music by Berlin-based synthpop two-piece Evvol is a lot of things and I don’t know whether this small space is enough to list everything. First of it, Julie Chance and Jon Dark deliver a really catchy piece of pop with Release Me. It’s an uplifting retro-infected tune that also comes with an important message. And that brings us to the second aspect: the music video, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Matt Lambert. What first appears to be a simple lo-fi music video escalates quite quickly into an explicit and intimate affair; even in the ‘censored’ version you can see on Vimeo (the uncensored one might have already been taken down?). Evvol tackle the under-representation of queer females in mainstream media and also the censorship of female bodies. ‘Queer women should be equally as strong and loud as gay boys’, says director Lambert and we couldn’t agree more. So, don’t be afraid, look closely and embrace everything about this powerful pop testament.

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