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— Daily Tune 20/11/2018

Faye Webster – ‘Kingston’

As if the song itself isn’t already relaxing enough, Atlanta-based artist Faye Webster also placed herself in the middle of a field of flamingos in her new music video Kingston. It’s a scenery that perfectly fits to the dreamy and slightly surrealistic song which marks the artist’s first release after signing to acclaimed label Secretly Canadian. Kingston is a sensual piece of Americana-infected indie pop that can’t deny the singer’s love for R&B and Hip Hop. There’s also a saxophone part in it that doesn’t suck which you also don’t witness everyday. The song spreads a harmonic atmosphere that invites the listener to take a few minutes of in order to catch breath. We’re pretty sure that 2019 will give us way more Faye Webster delicacies which will probably also work without the flamingos.

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