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— Daily Tune 07/10/2019

Fejká – ‘Glow’

In this day and age one tend to forget how wonderful our world actually is… well, especially those who are constantly working on its destruction. So, sometimes it really needs such a haunting and beautiful one like Glow from producer/filmmaker Brian Zajak aka Fejká to remind us of nature’s fundamental beauty. His freshly released debut album Reunion combines various moods and images, almost feeling like a photo album packed with personal memories. His latest music video – which Zajak shot by himself – underlines that character as it takes the viewer to a journey far away to exotic places. Fejká‘s tender electronic sound is a natural fit for these images, delivering a setting that is as dynamic as it is ethereal. If you happen to here more we highly recommend you to give Reunion a spin. It’s out now via Ki Records.

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