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— Daily Tune 18/05/2021

Feng Suave Ring in Summer With the Mellow Psych-Pop Single “Tomb For Rockets”

One of our favourite duo from Amsterdam reports back with a new single. Feng Suave’s mellow Tomb For Rockets is the perfect mixture of groovy guitar riffs and retro psychedelic-soul influences to ring in sunnier times. It follows the band’s 2020 EP Warping Youth. Feng Suave take their signature laid-back hazy-summer vibe a step further by incorporating background vocals reminiscent of soul classics. Unhurried bassline and airy guitar melodies give the track a soothing quality. Tomb For Rockets invites to lay back, put on sunglasses, and let the hours pass by on a sunny balcony. Even though the band say they had a hard time finding it – they struck the balance between laidback without sounding uninspired with ease.

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