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— Daily Tune 29/01/2018

Fenne Lily – ‘On Hold’

Bristol-based artist Fenne Lily surely was one of my favourite musical discoveries at the recent Eurosonic festival in Groningen, delivering a charming performance that was both –  heart-wrenching (due to the musical content) and quite funny (due to her dry humour in-between songs). And just in time she now also unveiled new music in the form of the lovely single On Hold. It’s a tempting little piece full of lo-fi charm that shows the songwriter’s unquestionable skills. And honestly, who doesn’t fall for an offer like ‘Come inside I’ll make your mind up’? Well, I surely do. Her self-titled debut album will also go by the name On Hold and it’s set for a release on April 6. The talent of Fenne Lily surely deserves at least a bit hype, wouldn’t you agree?

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