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— Daily Tune 22/06/2018

Fenster – ‘HBW’

Ah, our dearest Fenster! Welcome back, we surely missed you. Following the band’s ambitious and joyful Emocean movie/ soundtrack project from 2015 things got a bit more silent around the beloved Berlin-based dream pop four piece. However they remain as restless as they’ve always been in the form of solo projects. On September 14, Fenster will return with their first proper studio album in four years, simply called The Room. It’s called that way because members Johnny, JJ, Lucas and Elias literally recorded it in one room together, giving it a more session-like feeling. HBW is the record’s first single and it’s a groovy little pop gem that would also make a band like Metronomy quite jealous. It features the familiar Fenster vibe but also heads for a clearer structure. It’s almost a proper pop song… but one that adds a joyful twist to the whole equation.

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