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— Daily Tune 10/03/2021

Fenster Member John Moods Makes Solo Return With “So Sweet So Nice” Pop Nostalgia

Over the past decade Berlin-based indie-pop four-piece Fenster became a reliable source of great music not only with their band output but also when it comes to the solo releases of all individual. They all breath that dreamy pop-loving retro vibe of the band but each member gives it s subtle own touch. Jonathan Jarzyna usually provides lead vocals for the band and his alter ego John Moods allows him to explore the pop crooner territory a bit more and his latest single So Sweet So Nice does indeed sound like a forgotten soft pop gem fromt the early 80s. The warm and tender track however deals with some existential themes (the music video sees the artist attending his own funeral in Paris). Apart from that maybe it’s that confrontation with death that works as a life-affirming mood lifter here, right? The song is the title track of Moods‘ second aolo album which will be released as two EP’s throughout the year. Part one, So Sweet, arrives on April 16 via Mansions And Millions, the So Nice part is set to arrive later this summer.

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