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— Daily Tune 21/05/2020

Fenster Member JJ Weihl Is Discovery Zone And Her Track “Dance II” A Hidden Pop Treasure

The great thing about Berlin-based indie music institution Fenster is not just the high quality of their collective releases but also the fact that all members also have really solid solo projects happening every now and then. Despite being musically different they all share that similar dreamy lo-fi indie qualities I’ve come to love about Fenster and Discovery Zone, the project of JJ Weihl, is no exception here. While her colleagues already went on a few solo adventures before the upcoming record Remote Control is Weihl’s first solo full-length and Dance II is a fitting hidden hit single to introduce the world to it. The grooving piece of shimmering 80s-infected synthpop is a track about inner conflicts, contradictions and humanity’s weird attempt to transport all our analogue realities into the digital. Well, that might also explain the music video which mixes a real life stroll through the artist’s home town with visual effects. Dance II is a wonderful little pop treasure and once again highlights the talent of Weihl and her band (bandmate Lucas Ufo aka WORLD BRAIN was also involved in the making of this album) to create really great melodies. Remote Control arrives on June 5 via Mansions And Millions.

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