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— Daily Tune 19/12/2018

First Breath After Coma – ‘Heavy’

How do you record an album in the 21st century? Does it even make sense to record one anymore in the age of declining attention spans, streaming playlists and quickly accessible singles? This question somehow becomes an essential one for contemporary musicians and Portugese post pop collective First Breath After Coma can tell you one or two things about that. They stopped working on the follow-up album to their 2017 record Drifter due to an overall frustration with the idea of recording a concept album. Out of the ashes of this project a new one rose – NU (Portugese for ‘naked’). The upcoming release is more than just a record, it’s an interdisciplinary adventure. All songs from the NU project will be accompanied by visuals that will tell the music’s story – First Breath After Coma created their own soundtrack for their own film and throughout 2019 they will present it on various film festivals. The epic Heavy delivers a good first impression of what we can expected – it’s a massive piece of cinematic pop that can’t deny the band’s post-rock roots but also opens itself for electronic elements. In-between the futuristic landscapes of Woodkid and Bon Iver the band settles in its own niche and that looks pretty promising. NU arrives on March 1 via Radicalis.

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