— Daily Tune 18/06/2018

Foundling – ‘Fault Lines’

If you follow NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION closely the musical adventures of Canadian singer/songwriter Erin Lang and her project Foundling shouldn’t be entirely new to you. Following her really sweet album Between You And The Sea a few years back (released under her former alias Feral & Stray) she recently resurfaced under the new Foundling moniker but with the same talent for tender and delicate alternative pop. Following last fall’s New Years Lang just released a new album called Fault Lines and we totally forgot to tell you about it. The beautiful music video is a great reminder of the record’s qualities. The artist’s hpynotizing voice and the slow grooving rhythms got that tempting nocturnal feeling that just puts you in the right mood for meditative drifting. Start it right here.