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— Daily Tune 04/11/2019

Fran – ‘So Surreal’

Barely three-minute long lo-fi indie rock charm never fails to excite me. There’s just something pure and real in a performance like the one Fran is delivering in her latest music video. So Surreal is a delightful ode to the power of daydreaming, something we could all use on a day like today, right? There’s a huge disconnect between the world we create in our minds and the external world,” states the artist about the song. “In our minds, we jump from scene to scene, we see ourselves as more than and less than we are. We are constantly imagining the possibilities of relationships, dreams, jobs, pursuits.” The cute video that sees Fran revisiting the place of many of her childhood daydreams also underlines that. “This is my jacked-up version of an N’Sync music video,” she says and we just let that stand for itself. Fran‘s debut album A Private Picture arrives on November 15 via Fire Talk Records.

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