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— Daily Tune 13/05/2021

Fräulein Impress With Their Lo-Fi Debut Single “Pretty People”

Pretty People is a debut single by the duo Fräulein made up of vocalist/guitarist Joni Samuels and drummer Karsten van der Tol. The first single of the now Londoner band shows that even though this is a debut, Fräulein have a stylistic vision and know how to pursue it. The lo-fi Pretty People is lo-fi, something between garage and indie grunge rock. Joni Samuels’s vocals merge with the restrained drumbeat and the bassline forming an almost unified sound. The raspy flair of the vocals holds the fury of the observational lyrics at bay until the chorus provides a release. Fräulein’s arrangements are unpolished in a punky way but the communication between the instruments is precise.

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