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— Daily Tune 06/12/2019

Freya Beer – ‘Dear Sweet Rosie’

Freya Beer knows how to make the concept ‘less is more’ work. The darkly poetic Dear Sweet Rosie is following the English musician’s 2018 self-released debut Bike Boy. Drawing from the influences of beat poets like Allan Ginsberg, the piece has more than just musical dimension. The purposely-unpolished guitar riff adds just the right amount of primal hard-rock flair to the song. Pulling on the same string is the heavy percussion, which almost captures the energy of a powerful live show. Yet, amidst the crashing instrumentation her raw vocals still find the space to shine on their own. Between grit and grace, Freya Beer struts along the windy seaside with her dark hair blowing in the wind conjuring the perfect image of a bluesy rock queen on the rise.

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